The boys LOVE their books!

The boys opened up these personalized books on Christmas Eve and haven’t put them down since. We are so thankful for the easy process that it was to personalize and order both of their books and how much they absolutely love reading their stories.

Ashton, Lucknow, ON
Such a unique reading experience!

Thank you Close-Knit Pages for creating such a unique reading experience for my boys. My oldest is in the process of learning how to spell and recognize his own name, as well as his family members’ names. These books provide not only a personalized reading experience, but they open the door for discussion about a variety of topics (family, animals, activities). We look forward to reading them almost every day!

Cara, Waterdown, ON
A beautiful keepsake.

Our daughters absolutely love their personalized books! My oldest is able to memorize the people in the pages and can read to us from memory! My youngest loves to point to everyone in animal form. Such a beautiful keepsake for them as they grow, and they’re so well made so I know they’ll last!

Karla, Niagara Falls, ON
Beautifully made!

I heard about Close-Knit Pages through a friend and ultimately ordered two books for our children. When they came in, I was surprised by the quality of them, they are thick cardboard books, very durable and able to withstand anything a toddler can throw at them! My kids have really enjoyed these books because each page is about someone they know personally and activities they enjoy doing. It did not take long before they were able to call out the family member’s name on each page. I was very happy with the product and the ability to customize it for each of my children.

Colin, Thorold, ON
Quick and simple process!

My girls absolutely love Close-Knit Pages. They were so excited to see all of our names in the book. They had them memorized right away and love to read them to us and to each other. They were so easy to customize, I love the preset options, it made things very fast and simple. The illustrations are awesome and I love the thick cardboard books, they are very durable. It makes a really great gift for family and friends!

Andrea, Thorold, ON