Tell Your Unique Story

The bonds built between family stay with us throughout our lives. Close-Knit Pages lets children explore these connections in a fun and personalized way.

Forest Book Artwork - Bear
Forest Book Artwork - Bear

Why kids and parents love our books

Our books are designed to encourage children to fall in love with reading by making connections between the story and their own personal lives.


Created by a teacher + mom

“I wanted to create a book that my children love to read to me and that spoke to the special names they have given to their relatives.”

A Canadian Company

Based in Ontario, Canada. Written and illustrated by Canadians.

Made to last

Beautifully crafted board books that will not tear, rip, or crumple.

Shipped worldwide

You name the place, we will get you your book.

Special dedication page

Personalize a special dedication page for your little one.

Centered around family

Our books are special because they include the whole family. Customize your book by using special names your child gives to loved family members.

Books for all ages

Our books appeal to all ages, and are meant to remind little ones of the most important people in their lives and the activities they love to share with them.


The perfect gift that will be cherished forever